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Hello, we are CD2 group and we are working with Parkinson Madrid Association.

It was founded in 1994 and its purpose is to make the life of the people affected easier.

The association is helped by public resources and the collaboration of some volunteers.(andres h)

It’s located in the district of Retiro, more specifically on Calle de Andrés Torrejón 18 .

The center has several activities that can be done with those affected, from classes to help with the day to day management of your own body to psychological help for patients in need.(sofia-)

Our goal is to raise awareness for this organization so that they get more volunteers and have a better understanding of this disease.(andrés)

-The Center has different types of volunteering , adapted to the needs of the patient

The first is a volunteer accompaniment, such as going to the doctor or do some paperwork .(elena)

Volunteering leisure , in this one they go to the bowling , visit museums and usually is all afternoon.

Volunteering full time consists in living with the person, helping in the domestic tasks and in his day to day depending on how advanced the disease is. (marta)

Another way to help the association is through donations, you can make a timely donation of the amount you choose or become a member and donate 12 euros per month