Our project for GNO’s

1ºF: F6

by Ignacio Talavera

Our idea for the Atocha solidaria project is focused on getting a funny event for people, and making it for charity, so all the money earned will be given to many different GNO’s. Taking this into count, and with the knowledge that everybody loves gigs and music, we decided to make a charity concert.

Our concert, “Velada solidaria”, will take place in the school’s theater at 20/5 (or 5/20, on American English). The artist will be, mainly, musicians from the different groups of the class; but we will also have invited guests. The whole recaudation will be given to NGOs, and the rest of the group will help on the organization. Our musician is Jesus, who plays the drums.

We’ll see you there!

Talking about the project week, it has been very busy, but very funny too! Everyday was very surprising and with a lot of work. I was the guide, the leading role, so my objective was to learn all the exercises and mechanics one day before my team, so I can explain and help. We also had a writer, who posted in our blog everything we did; a speaker, who made the presentations; a CM, leader of our twitter; and a photographer, who made all the visual stuff. Everyday, one of us chose a workshop. THere, we learnt lot of techniques and mechanics to help the development of our project. They were about photography, blogs, storytelling, radio and TV… I was almost everyday in the guide workshop, but my partners had the liberty to choose what they like. We also counted with the help of our leading teacher, Belen, and the rest of the school teachers and staff. We had a really good time and we enjoyed so much this project.